Search Engine Evaluator Job

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Search Engine Evaluator Job – Search engine optimization jobs and rating jobs are some of the best part-time jobs that can be done from home.

Search engine optimization is a legitimate way to make money online. If you want to work online from home with Google and get paid for searching the web, then finding search engine review jobs and rating jobs might be right for you.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Today, I’m going to explain to you exactly what a search engine evaluator does, what they get paid, and the pros and cons of the job. As someone who has worked in this field as a freelancer for over two years now, this is one of the remote jobs I highly recommend for those looking to work from home.

Web Search Evaluator Jobs: Make Money From Search Engines

I have worked for three of these companies, (Appen, Lionbridge, and Zero Chaos), and I can tell you that they are 100% legit.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Search Engine Evaluators rate the accuracy and relevance of search engine results. When you type a question into Google and press enter, it will show you many results.

Have you ever wondered how these search engines know what results to display? That’s where search engine optimization jobs come into play.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Cool Jobs Stay At Home Mums Can Perform In 2022

Machines and algorithms can’t do everything a human can do, which is why this work is so important. Popular search engines such as Google and Bing will contract with companies that hire raters to review search engine results to determine if they are relevant and useful based on the user’s intent for a query in search.

A user wants to know about the new season of Fortnite and types the following query into their Google search bar: “new season of Fortnite”

Search Engine Evaluator Job

A web search evaluator will receive a query and a set of results that he must evaluate according to the general guidelines set by the search engine company. These guidelines are lengthy PDFs that search engine evaluators should read and use as the basis for their evaluations.

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Appen Arrow Ads/lionbridge Ads Rating Evaluator Project Review

Search engine results are measured by the accuracy and relevance of their landing pages, as well as page quality.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

The user’s goal is to learn more about the new season of Fortnite. Results should reflect that interest by displaying web pages that describe and talk about the new season.

If one of the results that appear in the list is about the second season, and you have no knowledge of the Fortnite game; then your job is to research it to see if that’s the right answer.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Free Search Engine Evaluator Course

After researching Fortnite seasons, I found out that the second season ran from December 14, 2017 – February 21, 2018. Since it’s now 2020, that answer is out of date and no longer useful for searches of user.

This is just one example of the many different jobs you can do as a search engine analyst. And there are more parts to the rating process than I’ve described.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Unfortunately, since these companies require you to sign an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) to work for them, I can’t get more specific information about specific job duties.

Internet Evaluator Anywhere: Project Milky Way

As a web search evaluator, you are not limited to rating search engine results. You can also rate ads, landing pages (websites), images, videos, and more.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

A search engine evaluator may also be known as an evaluator, web search evaluator, web analyst, or web evaluator depending on the company.

While all companies offered the original search engine reviewer role, they now also offer variations of the same role such as “ad reviewer,” “map analyst,” “social media reviewer,” and more. yet.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Work From Home Jobs That Pay $1,000 Per Month

No experience is required to become a search engine evaluator. You should have a good understanding of how the internet works, however.

Search engine optimization jobs pay up to $15/hour depending on your country and the company you work for.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

With the various projects offered today from these companies, you can choose which position you want to apply for. Each position will have its own rate of pay and hours required.

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

Some jobs like social media reviewers may require you to work 1 hour a day or up to several hours a day depending on the job you are hired for.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

As a Lionbridge payroll estimator, I was required to work a minimum of ten hours per week but had the option to work up to 20 hours per week. Occasionally we are allowed to work overtime if there is more work.

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Some positions have tests you must pass in order to be hired. You may not be compensated for time spent studying or taking tests. We will discuss more about these tests below.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Search Engine Evaluation

There are four major companies hiring for this position, and each company has its own job titles. The four largest companies are Appen, Rater Labs (owned by Appen), Lionbridge, and Teemwork AI (formerly Isoftstone).

They have a large number of positions to choose from. Salary will vary for each role, as will the job requirements. Some positions may require an exam to obtain.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

This company hires you as an independent contractor which means you have to file a 1099 and pay your own taxes. The web search evaluator position is similar to other search engine evaluation jobs.

The Only 4 Search Engine Evaluator Companies Hiring In 2022

You need to work 5-20 hours per week, depending on your project. Appen will pay you once a month through Payoneer.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Lionbridge requires you to take the search engine evaluator certification exam to perform web search engine evaluation as well.

Their exam is likely to be more difficult to pass for employment, and more tedious. The Lionbridge exam part 3 is the most difficult part of their exam, and you will need to study hard to prepare to pass.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

You can work 10-20 hours a week. Lionbridge pays up to $14 per hour. You can expect to be paid by direct deposit every two weeks.

They hire you as an independent contractor which means you have to file a 1099 and pay your own taxes.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

They offer free training during the application process and you can work 10-25 hours per week on Teemwork AI. You get paid once a month and they pay $13–$15 an hour.

Make $1,000+ Per Month As A Search Engine Evaluator Online

Some great places for search engine reviewers to connect with other reviewers are in private Facebook groups and the Work from Home World forum. These sites were very important to me when I started working as a search engine evaluator.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

Other appraisers can answer your questions about the hiring process, as well as the job itself. Although remember, you can’t go into detail about specific job duties on these sites or you’ll violate the NDA.

Search engine appraiser jobs and rating jobs are very beneficial for those looking to work part time from home.

Search Engine Evaluator Job

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Search Engine Evaluator Job

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Search Engine Evaluator Job

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Search Engine Evaluator Job

How To Be A Search Engine Evaluator In 2020

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