As of September 2021, the number of investors in the Indonesian Capital Market has reached more than 6.1 million investors. When viewed from the age range, these investors are dominated by millennials with the age of 30 years and under. For some millennials, investing has become a lifestyle that is considered contemporary. This phenomenon is motivated by advances in information technology, so when you want to start investing, it can be done very easily only through gadgets without the need to visit a branch office. In addition to the ease of accessing investment products in the Capital Market, you also have a large selection of products that not only offer financial benefits but also provide benefits to social life and even the environment.

Currently, you can invest online by taking advantage of the features available on trusted digital platforms. Don’t forget, to make sure the platform is registered and licensed by the OJK. Following are some of the advantages of investing online:

  1.  Practical, easy, and saves more time

By utilizing a digital platform, of course, you don’t have to bother visiting the office of a securities company or bank to open an investment account in the form of shares or mutual funds. Besides being practical, this is certainly very easy and saves time.

  1.  No need for big capital

Who says investment requires big capital? For online investment, no need to worry. Currently, online investment capital is very affordable. You can start opening a stock or mutual fund account, even some investment platform providers in the capital market can buy mutual funds starting from only IDR 10 thousand!

  1.  Information is clearer, transparent, and can be checked periodically

Through the digital platform, you can check the condition and movement of investment performance in real-time.

Meanwhile, in terms of product choice, you have an alternative to using green investment products. Green investment or green investment is an investment that focuses on aspects of the environment ( environment ), social ( social ), and good governance ( governance ) whose aim is to maintain the continuity of the economy and life on earth. Thus, green investment has broken the myth that investment only seeks economic benefits, in fact by investing you can also participate in providing benefits to social and environmental life.

One of the green investment products that novice investors can choose from is green bonds or also known as green bonds. Green bonds are securities whose issuance proceeds are used to finance or refinance environmentally sound business activities or activities aimed at protecting, repairing, and improving the quality or function of the environment. In addition to products in the form of green bonds, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has also issued the SRI KEHATI Index, which is an index that measures the stock price performance of 25 companies that are listed as having good performance in encouraging sustainable businesses, as well as having environmental and social awareness. , and good corporate governance, or called Sustainable and Responsible Investment(SRI). You can use this index as a reference if you want to invest in stocks that have a green predicate. So that’s an explanation of the current investment that is environmentally friendly and you can take advantage of it. Don’t hesitate to start investing because it provides benefits such as:

  1.  Investments can be made online, which is easy and can be started with an affordable amount of money.
  2.  Investment does not only bring profit or money but also benefits social life and the environment if you place your funds in green investment products.

What are we waiting for? Let’s start investing and be a millennial generation and contribute to a sustainable life through green investment!

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