Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

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Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me – If you want to work hard on technical and scientific products, but don’t want to get into the weeds of development, a career in technical sales may be right for you. In addition to getting a first look at new technology products and staying ahead of emerging industry trends, technology sales representatives are among the most in-demand professionals in the United States with fast job growth, many job opportunities and competitive salaries. A career in technical sales also presents exciting challenges—representatives can use their technical knowledge to solve business problems for potential customers, execute creative marketing campaigns, and promote the company’s products they believe in.

A technical sales representative is a salesperson with technical skills and deep scientific knowledge of the technology they sell. Depending on the organization, a technical sales representative may be responsible for the end-to-end sales process, or be part of a larger sales team responsible for demonstrating a technical product, explain- well and establish complex concepts of customers. Technical needs of customers.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

A technical sales representative sells technical and scientific products to potential customers. This is done in the following ways:

Sales Careers: Options, Job Titles, And Descriptions

* Use sales techniques such as storytelling, active listening and communication skills to persuade potential customers to buy a product

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

* Work as part of a sales team, taking on and delegating various parts of the sales process as needed

Technical sales representatives can earn a competitive base salary plus commissions and bonuses. The average salary of a technical sales representative in the United States depends on seniority, education, location and years of experience.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Jobs Sales Engineer Qatar 31 October 2018

According to PayScale, entry-level technical sales representatives have an average base salary of $55,000 per year, with commissions bringing the average pay up to $80,000.

In more competitive markets like San Francisco and New York City, the base salary for entry-level tech sales reps is about $85,000, according to, with a total pay increase of $100,000 in commissions.

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Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Mid-level technical sales representatives have an average base salary of $68,300 per year, and commissions bring their total average compensation to $95,000.

Why Work In Technical Sales?

In more competitive markets like San Francisco and New York City, mid-level tech sales reps can earn about $82,000 in base salary, according to Glassdoor, and commissions can double that.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for senior-level technical sales professionals is about $74,000, with commissions and bonuses bringing their total average compensation to more than $104,000.

In competitive markets like San Francisco and New York City, senior-level tech sales reps can earn about $145,000 in base salary, commissions can double that, according to Glassdoor.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Engineering Jobs, Technical Sales Jobs, It Jobs, Scientific Jobs From Ets

This description for a technical sales specialist role in IBM’s automation division is common in technical sales representative job listings.

Compared to the job description of software sales roles, technical sales jobs focus more on technical skills and knowledge. Some common skills listed in technical sales representative job descriptions include technical expertise in the products sold, subject matter expertise, in-depth knowledge of client issues, and assisting clients when adopting new technologies.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

In addition to subject and technical skills, the following qualifications and soft skills are important requirements for getting a job as a technical sales representative.

Sales And Marketing Jobs

Education requirements may vary from company to company. While a college education is not required to work in technical sales, many recruiters are looking for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, marketing, business, engineering, or a related field. Some online courses and boot camps are also considered relevant training.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

All technical sales representatives must acquire a range of technical and soft skills. On the technical side, this means learning how technology works, understanding industry trends, and developing deep technical knowledge to help companies use technology to solve business problems. On the soft skills front, technical sales reps must develop strong communication skills, practice their interpersonal skills, and learn how to deliver sales presentations.

While technical skills are important, prior experience in customer service and the sales process is essential for hiring managers. Gaining experience working with sales teams, troubleshooting product issues with customers, and other types of on-the-job training will lead to a more confident sales pitch.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Sales Engineer Resume Examples & Guide For 2023 (layout, Skills, Keywords & Job Description)

Real-time computing plays a growing role in logistics, telecommunications, transportation, medical devices, software as a service (SaaS), and other data-heavy industries. Technical sales representatives benefit from the experience and scientific knowledge of real-time projects so they can sell and offer customer service for real-time customers.

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All salespeople must have accurate product knowledge and be able to discuss product details with potential customers. Technical sales reps should be able to go further. In addition to having in-depth knowledge of technical products, they must be able to clearly and concisely explain complex technical and scientific concepts to customers and discuss in detail how a product can solve the technical problems of an organization.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

The responsibilities of a technical sales representative can vary from company to company. Below are some general responsibilities of technical vendors.

Manager, Manager Sales, Sales Engineer, Assistant Manager Sales, Deputy Manager Sales Jobs In Greaves Pakistan Pvt Limited

Like software and technical sales reps, technical sales reps need to know where their products stand in relation to competitors. Sales reps need to contextualize their own products, understand the competition, and know the strengths and weaknesses of individual products.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Technical sales representatives proactively identify potential customers by researching an organization’s best contacts and developing effective ways to approach and acquire potential customers. This includes analyzing customers, understanding the nature of their technical problems and matching them with product solutions.

Prospects are more likely to become paying customers if they trust their technical sales rep. Strong interpersonal skills such as active listening, reliability, patience and teamwork are essential for building relationships and increasing product sales.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Companies That Hire For Remote Sales Jobs

The best vendors track a customer’s purchase history to determine what tools and technologies the client is already using when adopting the company’s technology, and whether they need entry or upgrades. Returning existing customers is an important part of the sales process.

Sales technology is only one part of the technical sales role. Technical sales representatives are also responsible for ensuring the smooth implementation of technology and resolving roadblocks. This is where quick thinking and strong problem solving skills come in handy.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

To keep customers loyal and happy, tech sales reps often provide customer service support to ensure customers are getting the most out of their technology.

Senior / Sales Engineer Cover Letter

Below is a comparison of two technical sales representative job listings. One is for Dell, an established multinational technology company. The other is for software development startup, AgilityIO. Although both lists have similarities, the comparison highlights important differences and what they mean.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Job title. According to Glassdoor, “Inside Product Specialist III” is a technical sales role at Dell with an average salary of $64,000. It’s not unusual for legacy companies with multiple sales teams to assign different job titles and levels to their technical sales reps. Don’t be afraid of unfamiliar or complicated job titles—they’re often used for internal purposes to determine compensation and the type of work a salesperson will be exposed to.

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Location. Although Dell is recruiting for Nashville, TN; Oklahoma City, OK; And in offices in Red Rock, TX, you may consider having the opportunity to work remotely unless a listing states that an employee’s physical presence is required. “Even if the job is initially established as an office role, employers may make exceptions for the right candidate, so don’t take a chance because it doesn’t immediately fit our style of life or location,” according to the Harvard Business Review.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Sales Representative Job Description [updated For 2023]

Essential vs. Anticipated Requirements. Essential requirements are non-negotiable skills that an employer is looking for, while desirable requirements are good skills. In this particular job listing, Dell does not specify requirements for knowledge of a specific technology or technology industry sector, suggesting that the company is looking for a generalist with transferable sales and technical skills. skills (ie researching potential customer needs, cold calling leads, and qualifying sourcing, prospecting and starting the sales process) who can learn about its products at work?

Job title. The AgilityIO job title indicates that the company is looking for a technical sales representative with a software engineering or development background who, in addition to strong communication and interpersonal skills, also has expertise in technical and can serve as a bridge between the engineering team and the client. . Base salary of $60,000-140,000 based on years of experience.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

Location. Unlike Dell’s job description, AgilityIO’s description clearly states that the role is “full-time on-site,” meaning candidates must be based in New York City.

Technical Sales Engineer, Bridon American Corporation

Requirements Generally more flexible than start-up companies when it comes to requirements. For example, while Dell states that candidates with a degree are preferred, AgilityIO does not mention educational requirements. Instead, the company focuses on paper responsibilities. This shows that it casts a wide net and considers candidates who are not from traditional technology sales.

Engineering Sales Jobs Near Me

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