Engineer Jobs In New York

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Engineer Jobs In New York – If you’ve ever flown out of JFK, driven across the George Washington Bridge, or taken a great photo of the World Trade Center, then you’ve seen just a few of what the Port Authority of NY & NJ does.

Our need for experienced, forward-thinking people who are truly passionate about community service continues to grow. And we’re not just talking about engineering, transport and urban planning professionals. We are always looking for professionals in audit, business administration, communications, construction, environmental planning, finance, IT, media, operation and maintenance, public safety and security, to name just a few. We are also looking for those who strive to diversify their skills. As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to explore any number of career paths, so just because you start in one field doesn’t mean you have to stay there.

Engineer Jobs In New York

Engineer Jobs In New York

We invite you to learn more about us by browsing the pages below or by visiting one of our upcoming events. We are confident that once you watch, you will see how one organization can move a region, a nation and the world. We also encourage you to join our talent network to learn more about the agency and our career opportunities, click the link below to join now.

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Our nearly 7,000 employees are dedicated to the work they do—designing, engineering, maintaining and operating the transportation infrastructure that moves people and goods across one of the world’s most economically competitive and culturally vibrant regions. As part of our team, you will work with smart and talented leaders to tackle the challenges of moving and shaping the New York/NJ region. This mission requires energy, integrity and inspiration to serve.

Engineer Jobs In New York

The Port Authority embraces a workplace where the values ​​of diversity and inclusion support different perspectives and backgrounds to create a richer environment.

We have a longstanding policy of encouraging and maximizing opportunities for minorities, women, veterans and small business owners in the New York and New Jersey region under the Act. We further demonstrate our commitment by ensuring that our employees value and respect the differences between us, our customers and our business and community partners. Our continued commitment is to foster an atmosphere and environment where diverse individuals and businesses are empowered to fully compete, fully perform and maximize their contributions.

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Engineer Jobs In New York

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Promoting appreciation of diversity and inclusion in everything we do ensures that we continue to be an agency that is an effective and desirable place to work for our employees.

Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs) are voluntary, employee-organized, company-recognized groups that provide a forum for employees of similar backgrounds, cultures, and interests to come together for networking, support, and professional development, and for cultural and civic awareness. EBRGs help companies with key business goals such as employee recruitment and retention, marketing and advertising, and public relations.

Engineer Jobs In New York

The Port Authority of NY & NJ is dedicated to hiring veterans and providing rewarding careers. We appreciate the unique skills and discipline that you possess: leadership, determination, commitment – ​​qualities that the Port Authority looks for and instills in you. Learn more about the Port Authority’s goal to expand opportunities for veterans and how we support veteran employees in our keynote announcement.

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The Port Authority is a natural home for veterans. We offer a variety of opportunities to apply the skills learned in the military in a direct and meaningful way. We offer employment opportunities that offer stability and long-term career growth potential. In the Port Authority you will find a team of people who are on a mission to serve. Our employees are proud of their work, they are based on the traditions and history of the agency and adhere to the highest integrity. Veterans can continue their careers in public service in various areas of the agency, including:

Engineer Jobs In New York

The Port Authority is proud to partner with the organizations listed below to expand our access to highly qualified military talent through specialized searches, job board placements, career fairs and networking events. In addition, some organizations will provide additional support by providing educational services to our employees and managers that work to create an engaging and inclusive environment in which all employees can excel.

Stability in the workplace is something that everyone can relate to. The Port Authority ensures this with its strong benefits package that includes a retirement plan, competitive salary, strong work-life balance, developmental training programs and a great tuition reimbursement program. The Port Authority also provides military leave for eligible employees. We understand and appreciate the sacrifices military personnel make for the nation, and we will support your service if you are called to active duty.

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Engineer Jobs In New York

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Here at the Port Authority of New York and NJ, we recognize not only the invaluable service of our military veterans, but also their spouses to our great country. Military life can be demanding on a family, and we strive to provide opportunities for military spouses who have sacrificed so much for their country.

We are proud to continue our commitment to moving the region forward by integrating military spouses into our workforce.

Engineer Jobs In New York

Do you have more questions? Learn more about our hiring process and how you can serve the people of the region by joining the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Click here to see our frequently asked questions

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Veterans bring dedication, unparalleled experience and many other highly valuable qualities to our agency’s mission. Learn what drew these veterans to the Port Authority and how they were able to use their military experience to transition into their current careers.

Engineer Jobs In New York

Are you interested in working on the largest, most complex trade and transport projects in the region? Do you want practical experience in your field of study? Are you looking to develop your skills in different areas while finding your niche? If so, consider port authority as your career destination!

The Port Authority offers training and internship programs in various fields for both undergraduate and graduate students. This is a great time to join the Port Authority and contribute to history-making projects that will benefit the people, markets and communities of the world’s leading transportation and trade region. You will be part of an organization that values ​​integrity, diversity and a culture of partnership and collaboration.

Engineer Jobs In New York

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If these opportunities align with your career goals, we invite you to learn more about our programs listed below. These programs are designed to help you develop a comprehensive toolkit of experiences and skills necessary to prepare for and compete for future leadership positions within the agency.

Ever wonder how JFK Airport stays open during a snowstorm? Or who responds to a car accident in the Holland Tunnel and clears the traffic? Or how the underwater PATH Hoboken station reopened after Hurricane Sandy?

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Engineer Jobs In New York

These are just a few examples of the critical work of the port’s operational and maintenance forces. They work together to provide outstanding customer service, emergency response and skilled trade maintenance to keep our region moving safely and smoothly.

Mechanical Engineering, B.s.

Operations and maintenance staff work various schedules to keep our facilities open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They work at our facilities, indoors and outdoors, and are always ready to respond to emergencies and inclement weather.

Engineer Jobs In New York

We have positions ranging from entry level to highly skilled technical trades to leadership positions. The possibilities are endless! Some examples of positions include:

The Port Authority builds, operates and maintains many of the most important transport and infrastructure assets in the country. Our dedicated team of engineers, architects, construction and project managers and other technical personnel work tirelessly to ensure that our assets and facilities are efficient, safe, secure and reliable for generations to come.

Engineer Jobs In New York

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Whether you are early in your career or a seasoned professional, if you are interested in working on important projects to maintain the region’s infrastructure, this is the place for you. You will have the opportunity to work on challenging, meaningful assignments while developing and growing your professional credentials. The Port Authority offers many opportunities to earn professional licenses and certifications to stay current in your field.

To learn more about the types of projects our talented professionals are working on, we invite you to review our capital plan. This plan is a plan to responsibly rebuild and strengthen the complex network of infrastructure assets that connect people and freight in the New York-New Jersey region.

Engineer Jobs In New York

We have dedicated nearly a century to building, maintaining and operating critical transportation infrastructure in our region. Through our network of transportation systems, including the busiest airport system in America, the busiest bridge in the world, and one of the world’s 24-hour rail systems, we serve and provide access to billions of customers, thousands of locations, and bring

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