Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

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Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati – I came to First Choice and was amazed at how helpful my coworkers are and how much we enjoy what we do.

Before starting the first choice, I never thought that I would have such wonderful and genuine friendships with my colleagues.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

If you want to enjoy your work, build lifelong relationships, and be part of a growing civic sports company that values ​​its culture, you’ve come to the right place! At Choice One Engineering, our goal is to “provide a lifetime of satisfaction.”

Student Conferences & Competitions

Our employees have voted us a national ZweigWhite “Best Company to Work For” for the past nine years. We also receive the Dayton/Cincinnati Business Journal’s Best Place to Work Award. See the full list of benefits.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Choice One Engineering is seeking a full-time Field Analyst for our office in Loveland, Ohio. This includes the duties of surveyors who carry out topographical surveys, land boundary surveys and construction plans. Work includes field data collection, site search, equipment inventory, construction logging, and related activities. The successful candidate will be offered many opportunities for rapid growth and advancement within a growing company.

Autonomy and ownership are strongly encouraged. After three years, employees are given the opportunity to invest in company shares.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Cincinnati & Sidney, Ohio

We invest in the growth of our employees, encourage them to take ownership of their work, and give them the tools to do so.

For the past nine years, ZweigWhite has been voted a national “Best Company to Work For.” Voted “Best Place to Work” by the Dayton/Cincinnati Business Journals.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Get information about new jobs. Or would you like to learn more about a career at Choice One Engineering? Ask us!

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In short, our culture is different from other companies. Once inside, you’ll wish you’d come sooner. The first choice was made to break the norm, and we still do. Because of our core values, our employees enjoy coming to work and enjoy being with them. Our work motivates us and we can be happy while doing it. It is a company dedicated to providing a great experience for its employees and customers.

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Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Yes, we offer job shadowing in construction, surveying or other clerical positions. Our job shadowing usually starts at 8:00am and ends at 11:00am. For your civil engineering shadow, we’ll show you everything we do at first choice here, including earthworks, site design, drainage, road design, surveying and more. To set something up, contact Hannah at [email protected]

Choice One employees can work from home when needed, although all employees are available 24/7. We believe personal engagement enhances the culture we’ve worked so hard to create and love.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Awesome Stem Jobs Of The Future

Colleagues here have the opportunity to learn analysis and design on their own time. We provide services such as project design, walking tours, participation in tender opening, etc. Apply early! These seats are filling up fast!

Choice One offers tuition reimbursement as well as private tutoring and mentoring. We offer corporate paid conferences, seminars and trainings and have certified life coaches for our employees twice a month. We have a mentor and developer assigned to each employee who helps them define their goals, career path and is responsible for their development plans.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

The first choice, by design, has a smooth structure that ensures timeliness and efficiency by trusting our employees to make decisions on behalf of the company, but does not pass the approval level. This also supports our culture, where employees do not compete for promotion, but all share a common goal and support each other for the success of the company. Employees invest in First Choice’s success because we are employee-owned and offer ownership opportunities after 3 years of employment. All employees also receive a quarterly bonus. Although there is no standard career path, there are always opportunities for career growth and career advancement. We allow you to create your own career path and set your own goals based on your satisfaction. LEED is a sustainable rating card for green buildings. As buildings can become LEED certified, people can become LEED accredited! A sustainable space is to achieve LEEDGreen Associate status. It also features users and customers with proven knowledge in the field. Since the LEED GA exam does not have a star rating, the extra letters behind your name mean more.

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My seminars have helped over 10,000 students and professionals learn great things (important for interview preparation) and pass the exam with a very high pass rate. this certificate.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Sign up for a live webinar or start with a recorded workshop today at https://leading that you can complete anytime at your own pace.

This course is taught by USGBC faculty and is the most efficient way to take it. USGBC charges a $100 tuition fee (student discount) for the actual exam that can be taken online from home. Save money and make a positive difference in your career by booking your place today!

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Alaska District > Careers

Cost: $200 – Students can use coupon code “green” for $50 off ($150 tuition).

Are you worried? Stress? Are you experiencing these things more than usual? The timing is strange. The situation changes quickly and often. So much has been lost from what we call normal. Consider these feelings. Can they be sad? This hour will focus on preconceived notions of grief, stages of grief, how we deal with grief, and cultural considerations related to the experience of grief. Join CAPS on 03/29 and 4/19 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm to explore how grief and loss are experienced during COVID.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

What better way to end a stress-free week than with a fun escape room? Purdue Institute of Mechanical Engineering is hosting a sophomore social open to sophomores in all engineering majors! The event is Friday, March 19. The escape room is in the Mechanical Engineering Building. Amazon Echo Dot!

Jobs And Careers

Use this link to sign up for a class (5:30pm, 6:30pm or 7:30pm). We follow all Protect Purdue guidelines. You can register with your friends or individually and you will be placed on a team! Registration closes Wednesday evening, more details will be sent later!

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Scale is a construction management and engineering company with over 30 years of experience. We are located in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago.

Scale is seeking candidates with an engineering or construction background to fill a full-time construction management position. This position is for civil engineering work on a major infrastructure project involving the expansion of the Illinois Highway with one of the largest airports and railroads in the world.

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Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Research In Civil And Environmental Engineering

This position includes training in all aspects of construction management supervision. Including, but not limited to, excavation, embankment, retaining wall and drainage inspection, concrete and rebar inspection, inspection of contract quantity documents. This position will be part of the Construction Management and Engineering team responsible for the completion of this major project.

Candidate must have teamwork skills, willingness to learn leadership, desire to participate in this major public transportation project, understanding of project/site safety, self-motivation, own vehicle, and be able to see the Chicago area. Competitive salary and benefits based on rank and experience. It will start in May.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

The Army Corps of Engineers has a vacancy for a structural engineer in Nashville, TN. The position will involve the implementation of various types of structural systems associated with the construction of new and/or dams, navigational locks and other civil projects. Please see the attached advertisement for more details about the location.

Most Common Jobs In Cincinnati

Staff will assist with structural analysis, detailing, structural inspections and construction supervision. Employees typically work in an office environment in downtown Nashville, with occasional travel to manufacturing projects, active construction sites, and maintenance facilities. Some of the major projects the district is currently working on are Center Hill Dam, Kentucky Lock, Chickamauga Lock and Sault Ste. Mary Locks.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

We have more than 75 new opportunities open across the country. We appreciate your passing this message on to our undergraduates and graduates.

SAM Corporation is recognized nationally as an industry technology leader providing geospatial solutions and construction services. Our workforce consists of 1,000+ people from diverse backgrounds who use the latest industry technologies and are changing the way data is collected and delivered in our industry.

Civil Engineering Jobs Cincinnati

Panel Of 3 Colonels Address Their Experiences In Civil Engineering

We offer a best-in-class benefits package that includes company premiums for medical, vision, dental and life.

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