Air Force Engineer Jobs

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Air Force Engineer Jobs – A mechanical machine is, more than anything else, a system of technology—the interaction of components, energy and information. There are unique mechanical systems in the air and in the vehicle’s drivetrain, power supply and operation. Because systems engineering combines mechanical and process engineering, thermodynamics and fluids, materials and processes, and control, mechanical engineering is a broad discipline in design and analysis.

Not sure which technical discipline to follow and want to keep your options open? This core course is flexible, allowing it to focus on more important exercises, such as fatigue/fracture mechanics and failure analysis. If you understand, build and use modern materials such as composites and geometries, or if design and analysis of structures is your focus, this major may be right for you.

Air Force Engineer Jobs

Air Force Engineer Jobs

For the most successful, graduate school can be chosen as the first activity of the Air Force, either by winning a prestigious national scholarship such as the Guggenheim, Hertz or Rhodes. Veterans can also participate in medical school programs or become Academy teachers in the future!

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In order to better recognize our graduates, we prepare them to achieve the educational goals of this program two to five years after graduation:

Air Force Engineer Jobs

These goals are evaluated through student outcomes—the knowledge, skills, and attitudes students must acquire before graduation. The outcomes of this program are: As an Air Force Officer you will lead a team of highly skilled technicians working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Engineers are responsible for the procurement, maintenance and lifetime support of all NZDF aircraft and aircraft equipment, so you must be prepared to develop and apply a broad range of aircraft engineering skills. To complement your technical skills, your success as a construction manager will depend on your strong people skills, leadership ability and willingness to take real responsibility for your project.

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Air Force Engineer Jobs

Astronautical Engineering • United States Air Force Academy

Air Force personnel are employed in a variety of roles at Air Force bases and headquarters. Your varied career path may see you managing engineering projects, designing repairs or modifications, investigating failures or leading a maintenance team in operational squadrons.

While we operate in operational squadrons, construction managers often send our aircraft out for crew maintenance. In this role you will provide leadership and direction to a team of technical personnel to ensure the aircraft is available and safe to operate.

Air Force Engineer Jobs

This is a challenging role that can be carried out under difficult circumstances, but it is also a unique test of the technical skills and leadership skills that you will develop with the Air Force.

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The Air Force ended up paying for half of my degree, so that was great, and I got a job after I graduated.

Air Force Engineer Jobs

Your introduction to the air is the RNZAF Commissioning Officer (ROC) course at RNZAF Base Woodbourne. This course will teach you the basic skills required to become an Army Leader – personal leadership, teamwork and leadership.

Once you have completed your ROC you will be posted to an RNZAF Base for 6-12 months as a Junior Construction Officer to develop your basic skills for the crew role. You will then undertake the General Technical Training Course (GEOT) at RNZAF Base Woodbourne. This nine-month course covers a variety of aspects of aircraft construction and maintenance, including aircraft, flight principles, structures, aircraft systems and the basics of aviation safety.

Air Force Engineer Jobs

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After the GEOT course you will have the opportunity to continue building your knowledge and experience as you progress into your first job. You will rotate into a new role every 2 to 3 years to gain the experience needed to become a qualified and experienced CEO. The role will include a large aircraft and component maintenance team, with work supporting the overall acquisition, maintenance, airlift and safety of our aircraft. To complement general development there are opportunities to develop technical skills such as design, software engineering, avionics design, and systems management.

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All individuals selected to become officers in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) are required to complete this course. It is designed to prepare students with the skills and experience needed for responsible service and early careers in management. This course will cover a number of subjects including:

Air Force Engineer Jobs

After successful completion of the RNZAF Personnel Commission course, you will be seconded to an RNZAF base for 6-12 months as a Junior Construction Officer to develop basic skills for the role of Construction Personnel. You will then undertake the General Technical Training Course (GEOT) at RNZAF Base Woodbourne. The nine-month GEOT course provides a basic understanding of RNZAF aviation engineering for all junior engineering personnel, regardless of background or entry route. Topics covered include aircraft equipment, aircraft design and construction, aeronautics, engines, fuel, hydraulics, weapons, equipment, navigation, radar, communications and power distribution. It also covers Air Force instruction, management and technical procedures, and includes visits to Air Force and non-governmental aviation organizations in NZ and Australia.

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As you progress in your career there will be constant opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD), and you will be required to complete CPD to stay on top of your game as a professional engineer. Many missions have specialist training and development in NZ and overseas, and Masters level postgraduate degrees are the foundation of our professional careers.

Air Force Engineer Jobs

The Air Force is committed to professional development and strongly supports engineers to become members of Engineering New Zealand, or an equivalent professional body. The option is also available to become an Engineer for hire, which provides great value outside of the technical expertise and experience you will gain in the space.

Your development as a soldier will continue throughout your life, and you will complete advanced military training at the NZDF Command and Staff College at Trentham Military Base (Wellington). This training will help you strengthen your leadership and management skills, while also providing you with an understanding of international relations and the NZDF’s role in national, regional and global security.

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Air Force Engineer Jobs

Tactical Aircraft Maintenance

To complement the overall development there are opportunities to develop technical skills. The foundation for professional development is a Masters degree from a UK university, with options including Thermal Power and Propulsion, Aerospace Design (structure or avionics design), Software Engineering, and Airworthiness. As a specialist you will still have the opportunity to complete general construction responsibilities, but you will be carefully managed through key specialist roles ensuring you are competent and experienced in your specialist category.

A career in aviation is well-paid, diverse and exciting. As you become more experienced and move up the ranks, gaining skills and abilities, you will see your salary rise accordingly.

Air Force Engineer Jobs

Full-time members of the NZ Armed Forces receive a portion of their pay known as Military Service. This additional compensation reflects the unique nature of military service and dedication to your country. This may include short notices sent both nationally and internationally. You will be required at times to be constantly on the alert, perform difficult and dangerous tasks, and experience the best job opportunities in military life. This also includes the practice of unknown military techniques and market comparisons. Your service in our military and your service to our country will be rewarded.

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Direct entry applicants must hold, or be in their final year, a BE (Hons) or BEngTech major in mechanical, electrical, electronics, mechatronics or aeronautical engineering.

Air Force Engineer Jobs

The Air Force offers scholarships and post-secondary degrees to engineering students who demonstrate the qualities necessary to become a Chief Engineer.

The minimum academic requirements to apply for the scholarship are NCEA Level 3 and 18 credits in Level 3 Mathematics (especially Calculus) and Physics and University Admissions.

Air Force Engineer Jobs

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